Why Pro Santa Shop?

At Prosantashop.com we strive to be unique. Almost all of our items are custom-made and we work with you to make you look your best. We can make you a traditional Santa suit with fur down the front, we can do a Cola Suit with buttons down the front. Also we specialize in continental coats, robes, Robes with hoods, etc. In our manufacturing processes, there are number of things we do differently.

  • We pre-dry clean the velvets to reduce the chance of “pinking” of the white furs.
  • On our Santa suits we add foam in certain areas to make the fur look even fuller
  • Our deluxe toy bags are the best in the industry. 6 pockets in top of bag, 2 zippered welt pockets, one gusset pouch on each bag.
  • We also line many of our Toy bags with white allowing you to see the inside of the bag easier.
  • Our Santa hats and Coats are lined in Satin.
  • change to read Our Santa pants have brace buttons for suspenders, two pockets, and a zippered fly with button tab.
  • The top of the pants have a button tab and zippered fly and the bottom of our knickers have elastic with stirrups.
  • The waistband is reinforced to reduce rolling, the brace buttons are attached on the inside of the waistband.
  • Each vest and waistcoat, cola coat where there are buttons, have an extra button in case one of the shank buttons come off.
  • We work with Faux fur and have many colors and types to choose from for your investment.
  • We have many types and styles of braids but they are chosen by the team to make you stand out.
  • We love having our customers come in for a fitting. If you are in the Charlotte, NC area, please stop by.

Almost everything we do is included on our website pricing. However, we often have requests that add additional time to the construction process.

Here is a short list of items that are extra.

  • Embroidery, we have limited designs. Embroidered belt loops are $80.00, SC on sleeves cost $80.00
  • Pockets in jackets, on the front of coats, pants pockets. Pockets cost $50.00 PER pocket.
  • Deer Head sets with chain are extra
  • Santa Pants are $600.00-$700.00
  • Santa Hats are $150.00
  • Premium Fur is an extra $100.00 per order.

Credit cards accepted: We use STRIPE to bill your order. On custom-made orders or suit orders, Mrs. Claus made items. there is a 4% service fee added to your bill.

If you have any questions please Call 704-502-2500

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What Others Say

“I bought this Santa bag for use in the 2017 Christmas season and I must say it was fantastic! It was a real eye catcher and got lots of attention from children and adults alike, It’s look is one of a kind and it’s craftsmanship is beyond compare. You can’t find anything like this at your local party store! It has a great draw string and several smaller Velcro pockets inside the main bag to hold my books, candy canes and even Santa’s wallet. Professional Santa’s, You don’t want to miss out on this bag!”

–Dave Hea.

Professional Santa

Thank you so much for your high quality product. The belt you sent me will last a lifetime. Thanks again!""

–Joe Laymen.

Professional Santa

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