At Prosantashop our goal is to provide the highest quality Santa Equipment for the Professional Santa. We use the finest fabrics, velvet, furs, braids, piping, etc. on all of our custom made projects. We specialize in custom Santa suits, belts, bells, shirts, vests and waistcoats.

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Santa Belts & Buckles

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Santa Suits

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Santa Shirts

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Mrs. Claus Outfits

Our Goal

At Pro Santa Shop, our goal is to make every Santa look professional. As a professional Santa you want to look your best at all times. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality equipment on the market. Some of the items we make, some we represent, but regardless, time has been spent making sure the items featured are professional grade. Our prices are not the lowest, but fair. Pro Santa Shop strives to offer the very best in each category. New products and categories will be added once we feel the product meets our high standard.

Custom Items

Many of our items are custom made, please call (704) 502-2500 or email us if you have a particular product need. Custom made items are final, since sizes and designs are made exclusively for you.

Thank you.

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