Pro Santa Shop – Santa Suits


Prosantashop realizes that there is not always time to have a custom Santa suit made prior to the season. For that reason, we have made a limited number of both Traditional Suits (fur down the front with zipper) plus Cola suits (buttons down the front) in two colors of red velvet in XL, XXL, XXXL. Each suit has longer sleeves and pant legs which will have to be adjusted by your local seamstress/tailor.

PRICE IS $2,050.00 which includes shipping to the domestic USA. Contact me to see what is available.


Continental Coats / Suits


Vintage Santa Suits

Starting September 1, 2019, All Custom-made outfits from ProSantaShop include shipping, a garment bag and a red steel hanger along with a pair of suspenders for Santa pants if you ordered them as part of the complete set.  If you ordered a ready to wear suit, it does NOT come with ProSantaShop garment bag or solid steel red hanger, but has a normal garment bag and hanger. 

Custom Santa Suits:

Material:  All of our suits are either a micro-fiber velvet or wool. Colors are mainly SCARLET red, XMAS (burgundy red), or RED/Green which is a dark red with a green tint to it.  All velvets and wools are dry cleaned prior to construction.  This extra step and cost helps with reducing pinking of the whiter furs.  We take no responsibility for Dry Cleaners who mess up your suit.

Fur:  We have many types of Faux fur to choose from:  Short hair like faux rabbit or longer like a polar bear type fur.  The colors are really endless but we have White, Brown, Multi-colored Brown, Black Tipped White.

Designs:  There are many styles and designs available.  We can do any of the following and your imagination is the only thing we rely on.

Lined Coats: All of our Suit Coats are lined in Satin.

Pants:  All pants are lined with Satin, have two pockets, a zippered fly, and a button tab.  Pants can be purchased separately, but they come in the set (hat, Pants, Coat).