Frequently Asked Questions

Are your items in stock?
Some of the items are in stock, like belts, bells, Santa Bling, etc. However, we are Custom-Made Santa shop, meaning that our Santa Suits, Hats, Pants, Shirts, Vests, and Waistcoats are made to fit you. Additionally if you have an odd size like you use no padding and you have a 30” waist, we would have to make that belt special for you.
How long does it take to get a Custom-made item?
If you are ordering a Custom-Made Santa Suit, the manufacturing time can be anywhere between 8 weeks to 5 months. We produce about one suit per week but timing will depend on the orders in front of yours.
How do I get you my measurements?
Go to the top of the page at and tap the custom order measuring
How long do you ship during the year?
We ship until November 1, after that the orders get pushed into the following year.
Why can’t you give a firm ship date?
In doing custom work, there are always things that can’t be anticipated. We will try to give you an estimated date. Remember it is an estimate. We will call you when it is ready to ship. Orders will be cut off for the current year once our production table is filled.
How do I pay?
You can pay via square, paypal, check, mastercard, visa, etc. All orders are paid in advance. An invoice is calculated and sent to your email address via Paypal.
Where are you located?
We are located in Charlotte, NC Santa Doug 704 502-2500
Can I come in for a fitting?
We recommend you come in for a fitting if at all possible. It is not mandatory but very helpful.
Who can take my measurements for my custom-made items?
We recommend a tailor or a seamstress in your area or anyone who can use a cloth measuring tape. The measurements are very important to get them right.
What is included when I purchase a Santa Suit.

All Santa suits come with a Hat, Coat and pants. The coat and hat are lined in satin. The pants, have a zipper, a hook and brace buttons (suspenders) and elastic stirrups on the bottom of the legs to keep your pant leg in your boots. Pockets on any of our Suits are an additional charge.